Privacy Policy

We need your permission to send an email. The fact that you sent an email, and the recipients of that email, may be written to disk. The contents and subject line of an email are never logged.

The only emails we'll ever send on your behalf are ones where you type in the interface, choose a recipient and click "Send." We'll never sell your email address or send emails without your permission.

In fact, we don't store the information that would allow us to send emails without your permission. It's stored in a cookie in your browser. If you delete cookies, you remove our ability to send emails on your behalf. You can also follow this guide to remove our access.

All emails we send on your behalf should appear in your "Sent" folder in your GMail account after a minute or so. (If they don't, check whether you have an automated rule that moves or deletes emails.)

There are no third-party analytics scripts running on the page. Your draft emails are never read by anyone, or logged.

(You can read through the code to verify this yourself!)

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